What does the future look like for smartphone security?

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What does the future look like for smartphone security?

Postby jessey » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:24 am

By 2020 an estimated 6.1 billion people, or 70pc of the world’s population, will own a smartphone. But how can we make sure the data held on them is safe and secure? Last year, a Harvard Business Review investigation revealed 45pc of senior business executives considered smartphones to be one of the weakest links in corporate security, with cyber criminals exploiting vulnerabilities to hold stolen data to ransom, or worse. Xose Diaz, head of enterprise at Samsung Mobile Europe, agrees, and says: “A digital revolution has radically reshaped global business over the last two decades, and we have seen the massive adoption of the smartphone. It has impacted the business process of all of our customers; there is still a long way to go until we fully realise all the power of mobile technology.
“But security today is preventing enterprises from collaborating in an open manner, as well as innovating in an open way. The complexity behind security has to be handled with really advanced platforms; it’s so important to build solutions that will enable this [move] to a more collaborative enterprise culture.” This is why Samsung has innovated with multi-layered defence-grade security on their smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones are its most secure yet, complete with an iris scanner, fingerprint scanner and face recognition technology that can be used to unlock them and prevent important information from being leaked.

Hasan Sheikh Faridul is co-founder of Eyn, a company that is prototyping three-step biometric verification. He has high hopes for this kind of technology and believes it will very soon be the go-to smartphone security solution. “I can see the huge potential of biometrics and a visual identity verification system based on machine learning,” he says. “It is great because it is a unique identifier – plus no one needs to remember a password. “By using a combination of markers – say iris and fingerprint detection – it is possible to identify more than one billion people in India, for example.” And with cyber crime rapidly evolving, it’s important for security developers to keep moving. “The technology to uniquely identify someone using just biometrics is solved,” says Mr Faridul. “One of the exciting areas that developers are now looking at is how you detect that the biometric is live – whether the iris, face or fingerprint that the system needs to legitimise is live in front of the camera.”

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Re: What does the future look like for smartphone security?

Postby rainahuang » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:02 am

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Re: What does the future look like for smartphone security?

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