Latest release: GoldenDict 1.0.1

New release. See changelog for details.

  • 32-bit Windows installer, 16MB - just run it to install the program. It doesn't include any local dictionaries, which are to be downloaded elsewhere. Wikipedia and websites would still work, though.
  • 32-bit Windows En-Ru-En installer, 78MB - this one in addition to the program itself has two dictionaries (Apresyan En-Ru and Smirnitskiy Ru-En) and English word pronunciations. It allows trying out the program instantly without searching for any dictionary content. If you are upgrading from the previous version, do a complete uninstall first, otherwise the program won't automatically use the content.
  • 32-bit Windows portable version, 20MB - just unzip it anywhere you want (e.g. pen drive) and put your dictionaries to the content/ directory.
  • Source code, 2.7MB - for Linux users and those who want to build the program themselves. Consult Building latest version from source
    instructions for building hints. Linux users should better just use the means of their distribution to install the program.
  • En-Ru-En content, 62MB - En-Ru-En content for Linux people, see description above. Untar it to /usr/local/share/apps/goldendict. Remove any previous program configuration if you want the content to be hooked up automatically: do rm -rf ~/.goldendict.
  • Linux users: Linux versions usually come without morphology files. You can use system myspell/hunspell files, but there are better versions with more stems available specially for GoldenDict. Download them here. Unzip them to a separate directory and change morphology path in the program to point to it. Do not replace your system myspell dictionaries with those files - they don't add any new words, just more stems.
  • If you need a good English dictionary with a clear and free license, get this one, a full version of WordNet 3.0 specially formatted for GoldenDict.

Posted on Dec 3, 2010

Bleeding-edge versions

If you experience problems with the released version, use the latest GIT snapshot here. Building instructions are here. Windows users: the latest build is available here.

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